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Clothes Hoarse – When focus fogs with talk of togs

She cuts a figure fine. It’s true.
No hand-me-downs askance to view,
Nor dirty laundry out to air.
She simply speaks of things to wear.

Now, fashion’s fun. And fashion’s fine.
She talks about it all the time.
We’d almost say we can’t believe.
She wears her heart upon her sleeve.

A clearance sale sets her a-pant.
She’ll hem and haw and rave and rant.
To strike a post gives her no thought,
In latest trends of style store-bought.

Before you tag me as a snitch,
I’ll mention that she is a stitch.
No kid gloves needed with this one.
She’s generally a load of fun.

Her company is pleasant, sure,
If clothing talk one can endure.
And though she dresses to the nines,
I’d bet my boots she never whines.

Well-heeled, she’d do an emperor proud,
Stand head and shoulders ‘bove the crowd.
Her sentiments are sure, heartfelt.
She’d never hit below the belt.

But influence to spend she’ll hold,
As she displays her card of gold.
When friends step out with her to shop,
Their pockets lighten ‘fore they stop.

To cap things off, I have to say,
I’m having lunch with her today.
And if to browse we skip dessert,
I’ll try hard not to lose my shirt.
c2018 by Linda Ann Nickerson
Clothes Hoarse - adapted from public domain image

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