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Posted for a variety of prompts: Easy Street (“woman’s work”), One Single Impression (“myth”), Poetry Train, Saturday Free-for-All (“The storm raged.”), Seek the Lord Sunday (“Jesus”), Simply Snickers (“wait” and “wonder”), Slice of Life Sunday (“a necessary evil”), Sunday Scribblings (“my oldest friend”), Weekend Wordsmith (“crowd”) and Word Beads (“plug,” “duplicity,” “breach,” “plea” and fudge”).


My oldest friend, she will not fudge,
Not disconnect, pretend, misjudge.
Duplicity, it has no place –
Her highest plea, to live by grace.

Securely plugged into the Source,
She waits; the Master charts the course.
As Jesus holds the power cords,
This woman’s work, he fuels, rewards.

Though storms of stress, in crowded rage
May clatter, crash, to disengage,
No breach of confidence or myth,
Nor necessary ill forthwith

May daunt this darer from her goal,
For she is sure He holds her soul.
His Word is tucked inside her heart
With wondered wisdom to impart.

Christina's World
by Andrew Wyeth

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  1. Thanks for this lovely, loving tribute to your friend, Linda. So well done. God bless.

  2. A beautiful poem and a lovely tribute. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  3. This is so beautiful! Thank you and God Bless.

  4. How lovely... I am impressed not only with your poetic expertise, but also with your ability to respond to so many prompts with a single post! Amazing! =)

  5. What a beautiful poem! Thanks for stopping by my Sunday Scribblings.

  6. wonderful post....i loved your use of the word duplicity and the relationship to grace...hmmm!

  7. I'm out of my league with faith poetry, but this is a lovely story of trust.

    And I bow to you as the master of including a bunch of prompts in one work!

  8. I think what I love about exploring this huge community of poets and writers is that I am always challenged to come up with new ways to say "amazing".

  9. An absolutely beautiful tribute! I envy the faith of this woman. I seem to have lost all mine. I love the way you switched the prompt words around. Thanks for participating in Jane's Inspirations!

  10. i admire the witness of faith in this verse - strongly written, clearly stated - thank you for this!!!

  11. Wow! You managed to get all the prompts into one poem and make it cohesive. Beautifully written and the message is wonderful.

  12. this was beautifully written and, like sandy carlson stated, a lovely tribute to your friend.

    i could not help but notice how easily and precisely your poem flowed (eight syllables in each line) - from my foggy recollection of poetry in college and, please correct me if i'm wrong, would this be considered an iambic tetrameter? i have to try my hand at this.

    i've also been visiting your other sites and i see you have two blogs that give prompts each week.... guess where i'll be visiting often? :)


  13. Lovely tribute! thanks for sharing...

  14. This was a beautiful poetic tribute Linda.

  15. It is good to see where she finds her strengh

  16. What a wonderful tribute to your friend and her faith and courage.

  17. 'No breach of confidence or myth,
    Nor necessary ill forthwith

    May daunt this darer from her goal'

    This could describe my very, very dear friend, too. You mean there's more than one of these women out there?

  18. live by grace... amen... it is truly beautiful...

  19. ..a heartfelt tribute..many thanks..

  20. I enjoyed your poem.
    Thank You for Sharing.

  21. nice poem; looks like you covered a lot of memes in the process as well. ;-) The Wyeth illustartion; the story of Christina is a fascinating one isn't it?

  22. Linda,

    You never cease to amaze me! I'll be participating back at Nickers and Ink soon - I got my creativity drained from me. Do you know of any sites that gives critiques in a HELPFUL way, other than slamming your work? I don't know if I'm explaining myself well. I guess what I'm saying is a place that tells you what's RIGHT with your poem as well as what's wrong. The poetry workshop I have been going to seems to drain me of my desire to write. I love your stuff becomes it RHYMES. Rhyme speaks to me - it makes sense. Thank you so much!

    Your friend sounds so wonderful. I see pieces of different friends of mine in her. You are blessed to know her. :)



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