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Winding Up

Posted for a variety of prompts:
Catchwords’ Word Beads (“admiral,” “splurge,” “ “unmistakable” and “worry”)
Easy Street Prompts (“big enough to help”)
Meme Express (“sailing”)
Poefusion’s Friday 5 (“clobber,” “encourage,” “hay,” “and “wail”)
Rockin’ Chair Writers (“Tell us what’s really on your mind.”)
Simply Snickers (“standing” and “still”)
Sunday Scribblings (“ghost”)

“John Bull, The Leviathan of the Ocean”
(London: W. Holland, Dec. 12, 1798)
Public Domain

Winding Up

The race begun, I’m winding up
To stay the course and win the cup.
Though harshest gales may rock my boat,
Strong arms will keep the craft afloat.

I must admit, I have an urge
To scrawl some lines, to simply splurge.
Don’t worry. Words in short supply
Will still encourage or deny.

My mainsail fills with powered puff,
Until the wind is strong enough.
We’ll catch the draft and zip along,
Propelled by an angelic throng.

By standing firm with ink and pen,
I’ll iterate my mind again.
Don’t clobber me, bemoan or wail;
I’ll save my text, upload, set sail.

It’s time to fly, take off, make hay.
We’ll trim the sails – anchors aweigh.
Tell us what’s really on your mind,
Before we leave this port behind.

Leviathan, you scare me not.
Go, huff and puff with all you’ve got.
My rudder’s strong, as is my mast.
I’ve set my course; my ship holds fast.

The admiral I admire most
Is Heaven’s own eternal Ghost.
He’s big enough to help my need,
If I should call, entreat or plead.

Most unmistakable is truth,
As we have known it, since our youth.
Our Skipper, dauntless, holds the main;
All others, mutinous, are vain.

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  1. you have got to be the queen of rhyme... i don't know how you do it time after time and maintain a cohesive piece... bravo!!

  2. I don't know how you keep all these prompts straight! Love the rollicking poetry.

  3. This happy verse cries out for music to which it can be the lyrics. I am awed by your ability to work in so many prompts and still have a cohesive piece.

  4. Yeah, every line a perfect rhyme and how do you manage to juggle six or seven prompts? Amazing!

  5. I totally agree with paisley..its my first time here..and am still in awe of the rhyme you have put together

  6. i admire that along with your other talents - juggling prompts, writing great verse, making it all hang together - that you consistently have a testament that rings loud and clear in your work as well --- so well done!!!

  7. such a wonderful and rhythmic poem.



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