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Check Your Box

Check Your Box

He’s Got Mail

A mystery missive arrives with a bill,

Proclaiming a figure that brings on a thrill.

What was his reaction to find it unsealed?

A cynic or gullible, what was revealed?

A true sweepstakes winner, a sap or a sage?

Was he merely jaded or naïve for age?

As he scans the small print to learn of his prize,

We might gauge his odds by the look in his eyes.

What wonders await him? What fortunes come through?

But wait! You and I got the same letter too!

Posted for a variety of prompts:

Friday Funnies (humor)

Monday Poetry Train (poems)

Saturday Scribes (“unexpected,” “measure,” “reaction,” “figure”)

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  1. Linda, Linda, Linda....
    Are you on Euro Time?
    Just Teasing...
    I'm glad you had the courtesy to come visit, I'm glad you cared enough to play.
    I'm NOT a word counter, and I ALWAYS love what you write anyway!!
    Thank You so much for this whimsical story...You Rock!!!
    Have a Great Week....Galen

  2. Very amusing, and nothing at all like what I was thinking when I wrote the prompts! Thanks for dropping by Saturday Scribes this week. :-)



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