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A Valentine’s Vitriology

A Valentine’s Vitriology

(On the Underestimated Consequences of Valentine’s Day)

Do you look forward eagerly to Valentine’s Day each year, or do you dread this February 14th holiday? Will thoughts of Valentine's Day bring you hearty happiness or heartache? Does the mere mention of Valentine’s Day warm your heart or chill you to the core?

Valentine’s Day Is Vile
(A Limericked Look at a Day Most Mistook)

I snort at chaos with a seal,
As heart-shaped contents may reveal.
To downturned grin
And much chagrin,
A Valentine packs no ideal.

This moment puts us on the spot,
Selecting greetings oft store-bought.
The good old days
Have gone a-ways,
I pity lovers who’ve forgot –

While counting Valentines I’ve got.

“I can’t make you love me,
If you don’t.
You can’t make your heart feel
Something it won’t.”
American singer and songwriter
(1949 -   )

Posted for a variety of prompts:
AC (Valentine’s poem/s)
Easy Street Prompts (“underestimated consequence”)
Friday Flash-55 (55 words)
Heads or Tails (“pack”)
Meme Express (Friday Freedom)
One Single Impression (“chaos”)
Simply Snickers (“select,” “spot” and “snort”)
Sunday Scribblings (“the good old days”)


  1. oh but i love pretending its valentines day...each day. smiles. nicely done 55.

    mine is up!

  2. Love your valentine 55 limerick. It is an annoying holiday.

    Boy Meets Girl in 55

  3. Just bring on those Necco conversation hearts!

  4. LINDA!!!
    Hi Baby, I sure have missed your beautiful wit...
    Excellent use of the 55 this week, very unique, and I Love IT!
    Thanks for playing, and have a Wonderful Week-End...G

  5. Laughing. That day sure does bring up a wide variety of thoughts!

  6. boy isn't it the truth! Terrible holiday (except for those conversation hearts...)

  7. u r one blogger that never cease to amaze me !! loved this post :)



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