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Splitting Cares

Splitting Cares

Complete Retreat
A Limericked Gaze on One of Those Days

A woman whose hair was quite grey
Was having a monstrous bad day.
With aches toe to head,
She took to her bed,
As others far from her did stay.

Though most days, her temper’s serene,
Occasionally, she is mean.
So from the first moan,
They leave her alone,
But ply her with massive caffeine.

c2010 by Linda Ann Nickerson 

Posted for a variety of prompts:
Mad Kane Limerick Prompts (“A woman whose hair was quite grey …”)
Meme Express (“sight” or “site”)

Harikalar Diyari 
Wolf Grandma
Photographed by Nevit Dilmen
GNY Free Documentation License
Wikipedia Commons

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