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Miffed and Adrift

Miffed and Adrift
(posted for a Mad Kane Humor prompt)

What is it that makes some frustrating folks cling desperately to real or perceived grievances, even when spite may carry too dear a price? 

And why is it that reconciliatory efforts (even when initiated by those who have been wronged) may have little effect with such angry birds?

Miffed and Adrift

A woman was in a bad mood.
She stuttered and stammered and stewed.
With hankering hunch
And shorts in a bunch,
Irately she barked at her brood.

By drawing conclusions so swift,
The hothead gave friendship short shrift.
Thus, given to gloat,
She soon missed the boat
And sent her affections adrift.

Unfortunate that she may seem,
She self-manufactured the scheme.
Though bridge builders tried
To stem fury’s tide,
Backpedaling sent her upstream.

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  1. Fun limerick! Thanks so much for participating in this week's Limerick-Off!

  2. A vibrating, captivating 3-verser. How often do we meet people who “stutter & stammer & stew”? That’s as precise & concise a description of a bad mood I’ve read. “Shorts in a bunch” ignites voltage [i.e., hopping mad]. A funkadelic delight.



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