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Ego Drip - A Limericked Brush with an Unreturned Crush

Ego Drip
A Limericked Brush with an Unreturned Crush

A love-smitten guy was irate
And worked himself into a state.
He strutted and roared,
But still, she ignored –
His ego to under-inflate.

He fancied the belle of the ball,
But she refused for him to fall.
She turned on her heel,
Denied his appeal.
Perhaps ‘twas not love after all.

A mirror may fib to convince
The lustiest lad he’s a prince.
Such looks may deceive,
Or worse, misperceive.
Perhaps he may fetch just a wince.

The moral is clear nonetheless.
A way exists out of this mess.
When handsome hearts shine,
The homeliest find
That beauties may seek them to bless.
c2011 by Linda Ann Nickerson

(Written in response to a prompt from Mad Kane Humor Blog.)

Beauty and the Beast illustration by Anne Anderson
Early 20th Century
Public Domain Artwork

1 comment:

  1. LOL! You tell quite the tale! Thanks for joining in on this week's Limerick-Off!



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