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Stop, Drop and Stroll

Stop, Drop and Stroll -
Limericked Selections on Coming Elections

A frolicking frenzy endures but awhile,
‘Mid feigning false fabulist’s sneakiest smile.
They sashay and stroll,
Surrounding the poll,
Where frustrated judges the ballots compile.

Do fondness or frigidness greet outstretched hand?
Can coaches groom greatness, if honor’s unmanned?
A fresh polished face
Assumes rightful place,
Although frequent frost leaves its frown ‘cross the land.

c2012 by Linda Ann Nickerson

NOTE: This original and copyrighted poem was posted in response to prompts from Mr. KnowItAll’s Flash-55, Meme Express and Simply Snickers.
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1 comment:

  1. Linda Dearest...
    I love political satire!
    I've always loved your 55's but I also understand how the Muse can fail you at times.
    Thanks for thinking of me, and please come visit me after 8 and leave a link so others may enjoy your creative wit...G



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