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The Sparing o' the Green

The Sparin o' the Green

Ugh, hold the cabbage and corned beef.
The mere thought makes me wanna heaf.
I’ll wear the green
To make the scene.
But, please, the menu needs relief.

The leprechauns can have it all,
Or to the porcelain god I’ll crawl.
The festive fare
My guts may tear.
So count me out for dinner’s call.

St. Paddy’s table makes me green.
I bet you know just what I mean.
I’ll take a pass,
Kind sir and lass,
Instead of making quite a scene.

I’ll grab a simple P-B-J,
Bid all adieu. Be on my way.
This day of luck,
I won’t upchuck.
Tomorrow I’ll be fit to play.
c2015 by Linda Ann Nickerson


Public domain clipart

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