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Flat Broke – Freedom’s Clash with the Absence of Cash

(Written upon request of Three Word Wednesday’s prompt on “apartment,” “began” and “numb.”)

Flat Broke –
Freedom’s Clash with the Absence of Cash

A young world-beater signed a lease,
Pursuing freedom and release.
He found the perfect three-room flat,
Picked out a roommate, bought a cat.
He held the whole world by the tail,
Until his checkbook chose to fail.

In his apartment, sorting bills,
His hands grew numb; he suffered chills.
The landlord’s statement stopped his breath,
And he began to wish for death.
The rent had climbed above his means,
And he’d run out of magic beans.

He sat and sulked, without a clue,
And then he figured what to do.
He’d see the super, face to face
And plea for an extension, grace.
He went downstairs, this cashless lad,
And begged, “Hey, won’t you help me, Dad?”

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  1. The ending was unexpected--though with this new generation probably shouldn't be--and adorable

  2. Oh, my, this is a hoot! The feeling of sinking is strong and the ending is wonderful!

  3. Marvellous! I love this. Perfect!

    You can find my entry here: The Fire

    Have a great day!

  4. This was so cute :)

    I laughed my way through it.



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