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Please, Don't Do Us Any Favors

Please, Don’t Do Us Any Favors
(The Bowery Burlesquers)
Public Domain – U.S. Library of Congress Photo Collections

Party Favors
A Most Cordial Rhyme on Party Guest Crime

Each holiday gathering may bring a smile,
As family and friends get together in style.
Still, some party favors and guests, without doubt,
Might much better be absolutely left out.

Right after one party, a pragmatist punk
Forged feeblest favor with friends; so he thunk.
Not cognizant, foggy and faking his way,
For richer or poorer, he nattered to sway.

He stood in the shadow, his hat in his hand,
With skin-deep sagacity feigning a stand.
His aim? Social climbing, with hand upon heel,
Till hostile plagiarists thunder did steal.

His weak undercarriage, they sought to attack
With misguided quotes and without any tact.
Conversing on politics, rumor and lores,
The long-winded orators proved to be boors.

Now reeling, the leapfrogger, out of his sphere,
Just nodded his head and pretended to hear.
In make-believe service, by now near berserk,
He picked up a glass, muttering “Women’s work.”

In due time, the host yawned and glanced at the clock,
While calmly dismissing a garrulous schlock.
Then this token tiger, whom we may call Bud,
Collapsed on the living room floor with a thud.

As guests donned their wraps and began to depart,
The host held the door open, peace to impart.
“Our annual party, you cannot resist,
But some guests will surely be missed on our list.”
c2009 by Linda Ann Nickerson

Posted for a variety of prompts:
Catchwords (“sphere,” “pragmatist,” “bud,” “tiger” and “service”)
Easy Street Prompts (“women’s work,” “hostile plagiarist,” “climbing” and “after the party”)
Meme Express (Sunday Invitation)
One Single Impression (“skin”)
Saturday Scribes (“Change and Renewal” – “undercarriage,” “punk,” “token” and “cognizant”)
Simply Snickers (“foggy,” “friends” and “forged”)
Slice of Life Sunday (“A Change of Attitude,” “Living with Regret” or “Writer’s Choice”)
Sunday Scribblings (“for richer or poorer”)
Weekend Wordsmith (“hat”)

Photo/s posted in response to these prompts:
Wordless Wednesday (any day – photo/s)

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  1. That was a lot of fun to read! Been to parties like that, to be sure!

  2. aaahh, Sandy, I don't know...might be a lot of fun!

    I particularly liked the Bowery Burlesquers archived painting!

    Thanks, Linda--that made me smile!

  3. Parties never change, this one sounds just as chaotic as some frat parties I recall from the 60s.
    This was fun to read.

  4. Still laughing. I wasn't at THAT one, but there were a slew of nearlies. Good work.

  5. I imagine you reeling home from a party and hiccupping as you wrote that!

    By the way the code word for me to copy for this comment is AGGLEGIT!!! Isn't that lovely!

  6. Chuckling- this is so witty!
    Great tempo, clever commentary on societal etiquette
    Thoroughly Enjoyed.
    Here via OSI, SS. Consider posting for the Poetry Train as well. (See the link on my blog. No prompt is required for that.)

    I"m still smiling at your verse. Thanks!

  7. Liked the narration!


    frenzied entropies

    And please do visit the Poetry Train being run each Monday!

  8. im sure it was a most memorable party... loved the title...

  9. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. It's nice to meet you.
    I love poetry. I haven't written much in the past several years as my muse seems to have been rather silent.



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