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Bell Curve

(Posted in response to a Sunday Scribblings prompt on “curve” or “curves,” a Monday Mural picture prompt on “swoon,” and a Monday Poetry Train: “Life’s not fair.” This post also nearly fits a post at Weekend Wordsmith on “breaking the rules.”)

Bell Curve
(Limericked Cries, Right Before Your Eyes)
My life has tossed to me a curve;
Much sooner than I should deserve.
A younger shape
Began to drape.
Dear Father Time, you’ve got some nerve!

My bathing suit has surely shrunk,
Much earlier than I’d have thunk.
The lycra seam
Has stretched downstream,
And put me in a summer funk.

This losing battle, through the years,
Reduces this adult to tears.
The bell curve calls,
As muscle falls,
And consummates my own worst fears.

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  1. Your poem had me smiling. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Your poem is a nice fit to my exercising. I am currently in the middle of trying to lose the extra weight I picked up through the years. It's going well too. Thanks for sharing your poem. Have a nice night.

  3. Wow, excellent! I loved this - rings too true. :-)

  4. great response to the group'd prompts!... this made me smile... just beginning to accept the ch-ch-changes in my own body... i yam whadda yam.. i can run a 10k i can raise 10 pound weights... but it wont change father time...

  5. I had to laugh, I go through this every year!

  6. This was such a fun read, and all the time while reading; identifying so totally with the topic.

  7. What a cute piece, and so true. I'm afraid to put my swimming suit on this year!

  8. as long as i keep telling myself that i am still really just twenty something i can still strut in the buff anywhere - in my own backyard!!! --- age and gravity are good friends, to be sure, but your limerick reminded me you can't fight city hall



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