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Hungry Sheep

Posted in response to an Easy Street prompt on “keeping a secret,” an Inspire Me Thursday prompt on “bringing child’s art to life” (see artwork, below), a Slice of Life prompt on “writer’s choice” and a Writer’s Island prompt on “questionable.”

(Image from South Korean photographer Yeondoo Jung’s Wonderland series.)

Our dear pastors have been bumping up the volume a bit lately, at least spiritually, with increasingly meatier messages. We are deeply grateful for the excellent teachings and insights we receive each week from these godly guys, who seek the Lord’s face all week long for direction and depth.

By sharing the truth and the deepest secrets of God, they are building disciples, without question. Certainly, there is nothing questionable about growing spiritual children into mature believers so that they can also share the secret, rather than keeping it. How exciting it will be to see the young faithful growing into teachers and preachers someday as well!

Hungry Sheep –
A Poetic Salute to Preaching With Fruit

Some Sunday sermons make us laugh;
They raise a cheery mood.
And still you show the narrow path
When you serve solid food.

Though babes the mildest milk desire,
With feedings every hour,
The more mature reach ever higher,
Seeking greater power.

So bring it on, and throw it down,
With vegetables and meat.
Those in the pew may fret and frown;
They just need more to eat.

Our ears are tickled, to be sure,
With humor and with fun.
But real nutrition will endure
When we our course have run.

The Lord, He knows this fine cuisine
Is harder to prepare,
But minerals and real protein
Will fuel a powered prayer.

Bring it on, guys! We love you, and we are taking notes . . . joyfully!

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  1. Ah, yes I did enjoy this. I loved the focus being on children learning through Sunday sermons. Although it can appear they do not pay attention, they do hear and hopefully will grow on the meal that is served. Great poem!
    (my slice is finally served!)

  2. you have wonderful sites... i enjoyed visiting them. :)

  3. it is a refreshing post... some day's sitting in the pews like sugar pouring... other days as enlightening as a sunrise... amen, to teach of children the mystery of jesus christ... the poetic salute was awesome...



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