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Friday, the 13th

Posted for a variety of prompts:

Friday Flash-55 (55 words)

Keen on Thirteen –

Friday, the 13th, Is Neither Hairy Nor Scary

Triskaidekaphobia [tris-kahy-dek-uh-foh-bee-uh] is the fear of the number 13.

Triskaidekaphobia. Scared? Not a bit.

The number thirteen frightens me not a whit.

For superstitions daunt me not,

Those ancient legends best forgot.

I’ll laugh and love and carry on until the day has split.

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  1. Linda....
    Congratulations Young Lady, YOU are the only writer of a Friday The 13th 55 today!!!
    You win a Big Shout-Out, and a Pat On The Back...:-)
    Excellent job Sister, thanks for your contribution.
    Please have a Wonderful Week-End...G

  2. great job! i do not have that affliction-that-is-hard-to-spell lol 13 is my favorite number! :) i'm up on my ramblings and whatnot blog.

  3. great 55ve. I am not superstitious either..unless something really begins to happen :D

  4. Good on you. Superstitions only slow us down and distract us. Keep on living life to the fullest!

  5. Wow That was a big word lol.
    Hey thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. My oldest was born on Friday The 13th, he turned out to be an awesome artist
    *smiles*.. I'll be back to read more.




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