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A Report of Rain

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A Report of Rain


By Pierre-Auguste Renoir


Reign Check

We pray for a boom of our fortune and fame.

In dark disarray, we distribute the blame.

The rabble we raise echoes empty around,

Although we ignore it, we validate sound.

When woes will pour

Like mourning pools,

Who can restore?

The One who rules.

With weak preconceptions, we cede our survival.

Perhaps what we need is an old tent revival.

Our destiny teeters, but we keep on climbing,

Pursuing our dreams while the pride pump is priming.

When woes will pour

Like mourning pools,

Who can restore?

The One who rules.

So, saddled with sorrows, we smirk from the heart,

Consider ourselves to be savvy and smart.

Unwilling to look to the Author of love,

We’ve lost the equation that leads us above.

When woes will pour

Like mourning pools,

Who can restore?

The One who rules.

God offers a reign check, another new chance,

For all who will stand up and join in the dance.

He longs to pour mercy to cover our stain,

To rule in our hearts with His own healing rain.

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  1. That was beautiful!!!!

  2. Really well done. Several lines stand out and the message is very clear.

  3. Cheeky! A divine reign check, which presupposes a divine right to rule--typically what the rabble rebelled against, or at least the political and economic consequences that would ineluctably flow from and be generated by that political philosophy.

    I quite like it.

  4. Interesting phrase, "smirk from the heart", since a smirk is (usually) almost the opposite of a heartfelt expression.

  5. This was a refreshing find- The timing couldn't be better.



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