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A-Tired -- A Limericked Toil to Prevent Sad Spoil

“What does it matter how one comes by the truth
so long as one pounces upon it
and lives by it?”
American Novelist
(1891 – 1980)

A-Tired –
A Limericked Toil to Prevent Sad Spoil

My buttons are popping – who knows?
Ticked off from my tips to my toes.
The list, it is long,
From here to Hong Kong,
And turns all my poems to prose.

To itemize ills would be wrong
And steal from my readers the song –
Suffice it to say
It starts in foul play
With noses where they don’t belong.

Though tempted the wrongs to expose,
Forgiveness and grace to foreclose,
My faith does appeal,
Lest joy they might steal,
And so I must don my mom’s clothes.

Apparel adult may be strong
And tailored for figures grown long.
Such garments I’ll zip,
Perhaps, too, my lip,
For how many rights make a wrong?

I’ll empty my wardrobe of woes
And pounce on the truth, I suppose.
Though facts may reveal
The sordid ordeal,
We fashion not what others chose.

Posted for a variety of prompts:
Easy Street Prompts (“my mother’s clothes”)
In Other Words (Henry Miller quote)
One Single Impression (“empty”)
Sunday Scribblings (“faith”)
Weekend Wordsmith (“pounce”)


  1. so clever and so true! loved it.

  2. Great Limericks!! I always like this form of Poetry and I loved yours very much.
    Have a great week!!

  3. The Limericks were fun to read. And you have done justice to the form of poetry!!
    Enjoyed it. :)

  4. My inner Tigger wants to pounce, too. Go for it!

  5. Nice one. Enjoyed reading it.



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