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Positively Punchy

Positively Punchy

I’m not gonna bathe in your potions.
Don’t offer your poison fruit punch.
Not sure where you picked up such notions,
Although I have one certain hunch.

Your pontifications amuse not.
You argue on topics agreed.
What happens when you’re out of earshot
And others may freely proceed?

How bitter the brew you have boiled.
The cauldron, it hisses and steams.
And yet the concoction is spoiled,
For something is not as it seems.

A guest may admire aroma,
Perhaps even sampling a sip.
However, for those not in coma,
Your output bars all return trip.

So save me the trouble of asking,
And offer your quaff elsewhere, please.
For some scents are worthy of basking,
While others spread bitter disease.
c2011 by Linda Ann Nickerson

Blowing His (Own) Horn
Painting by Gabriƫl Metsu
Public Domain – copyright expired

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