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The Answer's Unplugged

Better focus may take some hocus-pocus.

The Answer's Unplugged

The husband’s retired, now a year.
It seems he’s perpetually here.
But I’m self-employed
And noise must avoid,
So now I just play things by ear.

I’ve struggled my nerves to compose,
Along with my verses and prose.
His channels, they blast
Each mindless broadcast.
My focus, it comes and it goes.

He wanders the house, prone to talk
And over my shoulder to gawk.
My sentences fly,
As I simply sigh.
“Hello?” I am still on the clock.

The muses have shuddered and shrugged.
But back to the table, they’re tugged.
My headphones, I wear;
Dear reader, don’t share:
The cord, it is simply unplugged.
c2017 by Linda Ann Nickerson

This poem was posted in response to these prompts:
Meme Express: “hocus-pocus”

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