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Ascending Acrostics

Ascending Acrostics

Posted in response to prompts from Acrostic Only (July 11th prompt). (Nickers and Ink has been honored with a handful of First Place awards and several Honorable Mentions from Acrostic Only. You can find these awards in the sidebar at Nickers and Ink.)


Kindness from above

Is ideal and
Sweetly sparkling, as
Sunshine simply
New brightness and
Glow on my cheeks.


How is it possible that
Understand evades us?
Mankind is
Always seeming to
Need more
Information, but
Totally missing
Your point?

Noodles (and Noggins)

Noodles may seem
Only wiggly and
Obviously fragile -
Delightfully delectable.
Look, however.
Every man who uses his own is
Smarter than he who does not.

"Chasing Rainbows" also responds to a prompt at

Simply Snickers (“fair,” “field” and “fragile”).

Chasing Rainbows

Calling from a field of blue,
Heaven’s ribbons
Align above.
Shining fairly
In a fragile light,
Naming a promise of storm’s end.
Glimpses of glory are revealed.

Reigning unquestioned,
Almighty paints His wonders
In the firmament.
Now we know
Benevolence exists
Over all.
What beauty
Still remains.

Inhaling the Sea

Into the surf we splash,

Never noticing

How strong the undertow may be.

All of a sudden,

Licentious lore

Is uplifted beneath our toes.

Now we are tossed,

Gulping briny breaths.

Time stops.

Hungry for air, we

Emerge at last.

Stronger than we knew,

Every wave now inspires

Awe and new respect.


Hollow hogwash,
Only prattle,
Gibberish and giddiness -
Why do we bother?
Absurdity amuses,
So we scrawl scribbles of
Hooey and hot air – capturing clarity.

Weeping Willows

Weighing in,

Every ramification

Expresses emotion.

Perhaps postulating on

Inspiration, but


Giving all to gravity.

Weeping willows

Initiate introspection.

Look how we long for

Lighter loads,

Only we never see

Why weighty works

Seem to grow us.

One Foot in the Grave

Outstanding orders

Never negate

Eternity’s call.

Final footsteps

Only lead


To the unseen.


Never know.

Temporality triumphs.

Holiness hollers for

Eternity’s entrance.

Go for glory.

Resurrection is reserved,

As Almighty addresses with

Vicarious virtue,

Enlisting those who attend.


Meekness is might,

Empowered by purpose.

Daily deliverance

Is found in

Time spent in solace.

Attention is restored, and

Tranquility returned.

Inspiration is enlightened

Only in moments with

No interruptions.


Umbrellas unseen

Never cast shadows,

Folding freely and

Opening over

Reminiscences and reveries.

Glorious gifts,

Every one.

Times treasured and

Troves of truth

Always are illuminated

Because their brightness

Leaves vestiges of value


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1 comment:

  1. Kissing – that what a kiss will do, “glow on my cheeks”

    Humanity – Amen! You nailed it!

    Noodles (and Noggins) – a double meaning in this acrostic; food by any other name could taste so sweet.

    Chasing Rainbows – Beautifully worded.

    Inhaling the Sea – I truly loved this, especially the ending.

    Hogwash - this was an odd one, but I got the point, especially at the ending.

    Weeping Willows – Oh this is so very true, and creatively rendered.

    One Foot in the Grave – I love the second stanza the most … it speaks to the prompt in all its glory.

    Meditation – this is what prayer is to me … I love how you said it.

    Unforgettable – an unforgettable moment!

    Linda your readers know you have much talent, I am personally grateful you take the time to share it. Thank you for the many doors you open for us to enter like children and play ...



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