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Tipping the Kale in Our Favor

Tipping the Kale in Our Favor
The Gardener - Old Peasant with Cabbage
By Camille Pissarro

A Head of Truth

As cabbage leaves, curled ‘gainst the night,
Our blessings may seem locked up tight.
They may look lush,
But out of touch,
Until we set our sights aright.

For, thinking we may toe the line,
We stage a scene of wrong design.
Indulgence pleas
For lives of ease
With lucky leaves and carefree time.

A Gardener tenders every frill,
But first the soil He must till.
What joys be found
In welcome ground
That readies to accept His will.

What flowered kale may us instruct,
If we our doubtings may deduct?
To persevere
And flourish here
Before the cabbage has been plucked.
c2009 by Linda Ann Nickerson

Posted for a variety of prompts:
Easy Street Prompts (“locked up tight”)
Meme Express (Sunday invitation to Simply Snickers)
One Single Impression (“thinking”)
Simply Snickers (“line,” “look” and “lush”)
Sunday Scribblings (“indulgence”)
Theme Thursday (“stage”)
Weekend Wordsmith (“lucky”)

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  1. This was fantastic! It had such a beautiful lilt and rhythm to it...wonderful to read out loud. Not to mention the deep meaning in the words...

  2. Brilliant! The words are so poignant, and they go deep.. and they rhyme so delightfully!

  3. I can relate to locked up blessings. This was a lovely way to get this lesson. Thank you.

  4. Beautifully said. I think all the world can be fond in a garden, past and present and future. So much beautiful intention from sources we can't imagine.

  5. I love the third stanza - beautiful and true

  6. The rhyme and rhythm in this poem is flawless, and the metaphor was wonderfully developed. Fantastic!

  7. I admire the way u combine so many prompts :) wow !!

  8. Your poem has some really great imagery and lovely sounding verse. I enjoyed it very much. Thank you!

  9. different subject :) Nice.

  10. I love the rhythm and flow of this poem. And the image of cabbages curled against the night, slowly coming to harvest, is lovely.

  11. Nice one for all the combination of the prompts!!!

  12. Now that's what I call 'killing two birds with one stone'...or 12 prompts with one poem! LOL

  13. Who'd have thought to tie a stage in with a cabbage. Full marks for lateral thinking and killing two birds!



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