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Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?

Staying the Course –

Limericked Relations of Summer Vacations

All summer, the children sing this short refrain,

As parents speed up in the no-passing lane:

“Are we there yet, please?”

Youngsters whine for their ease,

While Moms and Dads rub on their foreheads in pain.

The motorized waiting rooms rock with the tar,

Adults at the wheel of each family car.

With kids in the back,

A panic attack

Does enter the realm ‘ere the clans travel far.

Regarding the right of each grownup to vow,

Though little ones chirp for a bathroom and chow –

The road still may bend

To summer’s near end,

When schools may all parents a rest stop allow.

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  1. Linda, loved your limerick. Had me giggling. I can remember as a child saying are we there yet or how much farther lol.

    What a fun read.

  2. mine always said, "how long have we been in the car?"

    "oh, five, six minutes now"

    nice memory to visit.. and glad i don't have it to live anymore!

  3. oh, this reminds me of the many movies of family vacations i have seen. the trailers, the kids askin how long! very impressive!

  4. My nephews sing this song. My daughter tries like heck to stay out of the car! Wow. You brought back memories, too. Mom used to answer, "Just around the corner." We learned not to ask.

  5. Too funny, too true,...loved it.

  6. A great read... nothing like such summer months.. and I daresay, all parents secretly long for them, the frivolities being a reflection of their own youthful summers..

  7. And here I am working in a school LOL

    This was awesome!

  8. Rest for the parents indeed.
    My folks use to say 'in ten minutes we will be there' followed by 'how long is ten minutes?'
    so many memories

  9. I laughed as I read this - it seems a tradition to punish ourselves with these family "vacations" down through the generations and they are all so similar. We work harder to rest - typically human :)

  10. Hi Linda, I still like saying it now to wind up friends. Funny stuff I liked it.



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