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SOS for Supplicators

SOS for Supplicators

A young man who is quite dear to me, ever since his teen years, is in dire need of a liver transplant and another chance at a healthy and full life. Sober nearly two years, he is fighting for his health. His young bride-to-be and the rest of the family are praying fervently for him. Will you agree with us in interceding for Junior?

Re-liver Needed

A young lad

with lots of steam

became tangled

in proud traditions

and multi-generational webs,

allowing and enabling him

to land

between a rock and a hard place.

Now, mid-thirties,

he needs a liver.

He needs hope.

He needs another chance.

He needs the touch of the Lord.

(Who doesn’t?)

Praying for Junior.

Posted for a variety of prompts:

Easy Street Prompts (“a rock and a hard place”)

Friday Flash-55 (55 words)

Heads or Tails (“steam”)

Meme Express (“proud”)

One Single Impression (“allow”)

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  1. No you are NOT late yet.
    (For a change..:P)
    Very emotional and touching 55 Linda.
    Sometimes real life stories are the most poignant..
    Thank you for this fine contribution. And have a Grand Week-End....G

  2. We dragons are good at praying.
    Great 55

    Ours is posted

  3. I am praying with you Linda.

  4. I hope he receives all that he needs.

  5. I admire the way you kill several memes with one stone! I must try it! All good wishes to your young friend.



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