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The MonSter of MayhemS

The MonSter of MayhemS

The MonSter of MayhemS may rattle my cage.
With treMorS primordial, he bares his rage.
Till nerves are a MeSs,
In full-blown M.S.,
And athletic skills overnight disengage.
This whamMy of woeS will allow none to quit,
Though stress seismological he may commit.
As Myelin shedS,
Surpassing all dreads,
No reMedieS ready Make Struggles legit.

c2009 by Linda Ann Nickerson

Please join us in praying for a cure!

Posted for a variety of prompts:

Easy Street Prompts (“seismological whammy”)
Friday Flash-55 (55 words)
One Single Impression (“allow”)
Weekend Wordsmith (“quit”)


  1. Well done, and so painful. I know a few men who suffer from this disease. One was very athletic. He has decided to continue with sports and coaching for as long as he can and to be grateful for every joyous moment with his family. His faith keeps him going, I guess.

  2. Linda...
    Excellent 55 My Dear.
    Tardy as usual...
    You may need to stay after school!
    Great awareness story...Thanks

  3. That was indeed a full blown M.S. Mayhem..! A very good read, specially the consciously and beautifully created dark, chaotic hints!

  4. life can be so shocking at times. This tale says it so well.



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