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No Bell to Dwell

No Bell to Dwell

“How much easier it is to be critical than to be correct.”

Benjamin Disraeli

British Politician

(1804 – 1881)

A Cause for Pause

A Limericked String, No Bell to Ring

His world view matches not our own,

And yet, we recognize renown –

A global prize,

Before our eyes,

Awarded ‘ere the man’s full grown.

Although the razor scrapes his chin,

And tailored trousers graze his shin,

In Lincoln’s chair,

Though unaware,

He pens profoundly, ears to win.

What answers may his chimings bring,

As multitudes his praises sing?

Will words grow feet

And deeds complete?

Can verbal charm true changes bring?

How many, idle, long to toil –

Their stomachs empty, all a-roil?

These, having heard

A promised word,

May still await the victor’s spoil.

An oratorio unkept

Could indicate he’s overstepped.

Perhaps the truth

Surpasses youth,

Though it be hardest to accept.

Accomplishments and answered fears

Are best acknowledged in arrears.

As years elapse,

Perchance, perhaps,

We’ll see who’s wet behind the ears.

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  1. You hit a wide array of points with that one! My cause post is here.

  2. Very interesting use of limericks.



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