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Sometimes No Growth Is a Good Thing

Sometimes No Growth Is a Good Thing

Often we speak of growth in positive terms. Maturity and personal growth are admirable aims. Economic growth is promising. Personal growth is good.

However, when we look at medical testing, a growth may be a scary thing indeed, as I recently discovered firsthand.

Actually, the whole thing was in my head.

The Tumor Is a Rumor
A Limericked Descent with All Best Intent

Of late, I awaited report,
The medical test result sort.
A thirty-day wait
At cancer’s dark gate
Left me seeking much prayer support.

Concentrically prearranged zones
Affect radiology tones.
Oncology nods
To find me at odds,
Refusing to echo their groans.

At last, all the numbers returned.
Pass word to all those still concerned:
The doctors let slip,
‘Twas merely a blip.
“The tumor’s a rumor,” I learned.

And now I am over the moon;
As doctors are changing their tune.
I sense greater bliss
Than any first kiss,
May God call me home none too soon.
c2009 by Linda Ann Nickerson

Posted for a variety of prompts:
Easy Street Prompts (“concentrically prearranged)
Meme Express (Sunday Invitation to Simply Snickers)
One Single Impression (“descent”)
Simply Snickers (“plan,” “please” and “pose”)
Sunday Scribblings (“first kiss”)
Weekend Wordsmith (“moon”)
Public domain art

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  1. absolutely fabulous -- both the poem and the good news!

  2. I am happy for you. That is marvelous news.

  3. I am so glad that the news was good and a bit in awe that you were able to turn it into a limerick!

  4. I too am happy for you .. and the poem is so very good --- yes, I have to agree, "sometimes no growth is a good thing!"

  5. Oh, good news, good news! Love the way you transformed fear to a poem of fun...

  6. glad ur tumor is just a rumor! :)
    poem is very good!

  7. You and I really are on similar wave lengths.

    Check this one out:

  8. wonderful to hear. perfect form for the mood.



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