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Festive Fever

Festive Fever
Have you caught the holiday fever yet? 

This morning, I spent hours creating and assembling our family Christmas greeting card. For many years, I compiled photo graphic cards for Christmas, often including original Christmas poetry as well. This time, our holiday greetings are somewhat simpler – and the distribution plan is truly 21st century and eco-friendly.

Green Christmas –
A Rhymed Trending on Holiday Sending

This Christmas time, we’re going green,
And soon, folks will see what we mean.
Our messages sent
In purest intent
Use no stamps or spent gasoline.

With backhanded mojo perchance –
Or merely an odd happenstance,
Our greeting card list
Is hard to resist,
Although we could mortgage for stamps.

We love to send missives of cheer,
With photos that grin ear to ear.
But green faces dearth
In pockets and earth,
So this year, we’ll email from here.

Our method of mailing feels weird
For family and friends most revered.
Still, mastery makes
No magic mistakes
If love to each card has adhered.
c2009 by Linda Ann Nickerson

Posted for a variety of prompts:
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Meme Express (Sunday Invitation to Simply Snickers)
Theme Thursday (“friend”)
Simply Snickers (“magic,” “make” and “mastery”)
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  1. I like the poem. Most times I do email and like to be green but at Christmas I d like to mail cards and receive them.

    Santa Puppets

  2. i've been thinking of making cards this year. but i like your idea too :D

  3. Wonderful use of the combined prompts!

  4. Good and green. I'd go for that. Amazing how you mash so many prompts and serve up a delicious helping of enjoyment.



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