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On New Year’s Resolutions

On New Year’s Resolutions

Do you make New Year’s resolutions?

Many people vow, as a new year begins, to stop destructive habits, beat addictions, begin healthy practices and start new personal disciplines. Health clubs and fitness centers enjoy increased membership enrollments, as folks sign up for exercise programs. Weight loss centers usually have a bump in admissions as well, as the old year closes and the new year opens.

Folks promise themselves (and others) all sorts of things on New Year’s Eve, or even New Year’s Day.

How long do New Year’s resolutions last?

Have you ever kept a New Year’s resolutions all year long? What was it? Did you quit smoking, lose a few pounds, exercise daily, finish a major project, beat a bad habit, get a new job, read some new books, keep in touch with friends or family members, finish an academic degree, stop swearing, get rid of clutter in your home, drive within the posted speed limit, or what?

Here’s my New Year’s resolution for the coming year. Perhaps these words will resound with you as well:

Limericked Spins As New Year Begins

My new resolution is tragically hip.
Don’t mean to sound sassy, nor prideful or flip.
Still, making a vow
Right here and right now
Seems somehow preemptive to taking a trip.

No wanderlust draws me to dangers without,
And tasty temptations delicious I doubt.
But catching up leaves
And writing on sleeves
May lead to dynamics or creative drought.

Today, as our calendars all are replaced,
A full resolution I make not in haste.
As new bells may chime
The passage of time,
I seek to make memories – to taste and not waste.

c2009 by Linda Ann Nickerson

Posted for a variety of prompts:
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Simply Snickers (“bold,” “bounty” and “bright”)
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Weekend Wordsmith (“catch up”)

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  1. wow...that's a lot of prompts to wipe out with three did a great job of it though, and even made them enjoyable reading.

  2. Making memories is what it's all about. Great post.

  3. Nicely done! The style is wonderful!

  4. lovely poem with a lovely resolution! I think I may steal it as my own this year :)

  5. Absolutely delightful blog! So full of fun and information. Thank you for all of it!

  6. Dear Poet,
    If you are receiving this announcement, it means that at one time or another you linked an acrostic poem at Acrostic Only. We are in the process of preparing for our first Acrostic Only Anthology – Volume I. If you care to be a part of this wonderful project, please visit our Blog for more information.

    We will be choosing poems to be considered for the Anthology from January – March, 2010. However, if you desire to have some of your work considered, there are a couple of deadlines you will have to meet, and you must email me your intentions to!

    I thank you all for supporting Acrostic Only, and I look forward to another year poetic interaction.

    Happy New Year to you, your beloved family, and readers!

  7. a fun and witty
    wonderful new years poem!

  8. Good post but these resolutions always get forgotten about.

  9. I enjoyed this. I like that kind of resolve and resolution. Happy New Year!



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