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The Booting Brother

Here's my entry for Simply Snickers ’ May 11th prompt (“boot,” “bid” and “blame”) and Sunday Scribblings' "family" prompt.

The Booting Brother
A Poetic Remembrance of Sibling Regurgitation

My baby brother’s sense of smell
Is more than anyone can tell.
He takes a whiff and groans, “Oh, swell!”
And bids his latest meal “Farewell.”

The scent of bacon, frying fast
Can be enough to flabbergast
And set him booting at full blast,
While all of us stand by, aghast.

Our grandma’s brownies make him retch;
They make his diaphragm reflex.
I gag and run for the homestretch,
As Mom jumps up, a pail to fetch.

We load the car for weekend fun
And head for regions in the sun,
Until my brother comes undone
And tosses cookies, hit-and-run.

“The dog’s bad breath just made me sick!”
Sure, blame the pet for your gut-kick.
Of course, we don’t mean to nitpick,
But isn’t that a dirty trick?

We hope he’ll leave this all behind,
But if he doesn’t, never mind.
I’d never mean to be unkind:
My brother’s guts might just unwind!

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  1. Oh, this is a clever poem. Fun to read and imagine!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. i love this! my son has a similar sense of smell...but he's growing out of it thankfully:)

  3. gosh that's a sensitive sense of smell!

  4. I had a nephew who lived with us for a year. He was 13 and still reacted much as baby brother.

    Funny and clever post!

  5. Incredible topic for poetry! Certainly gets attention!


  6. Hilarious. my brother was carsick on every family trip. oh the nostalgia.

    thanx for visiting my poem re bike riding.

  7. My niece is like that..somewhat!

    Loved this..


  8. I stopped by to check out your colors of the day.

  9. my younger sister was exactly the same way!!! oh it was torturous growing up withe her!!!!

    very nicely done....

  10. Hi Linda !!

    I'm glad you found a much needed laugh at the blue bicycle!!

    I am often in need of a good guffaw!

    Funny poem! My only trouble was reading while riding in the back seat of the car. For some reason, the front seat never bothered me ....

    very clever!

    lady blue



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