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This post responds to the following prompts: Easy Street (“post-modern piracy - #170”), Mad Kane (“email” and “spam”), Weekend Wordsmith (“framed”) and Writer’s Island (“faithful”).

Spam-Jam –
Limericks Penned for an Unnamed Friend

My most faithful pen-pal by far,
This paperwork pirate bizarre,
He fills up my box
With unwelcome shocks,
If I leave my spam-guard ajar.

My gateway is framed and secure,
And still, I will hear from this boor.
With offers of prize
To lure, tantalize,
This cyberspace spam saboteur.

I’m putting a ban on his bulk,
The letters from this ogre-hulk.
He won’t sign his name,
So I’m taking aim,
Reporting him, so he can sulk.

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  1. Very nice job! Thanks so much for participating in my latest poetry prompt!

  2. yeah I got that spam jar too...any ideas how to stop it? lol
    good one, that must have been hard to do with all the prompts

  3. LOL! That was pretty clever using so many different prompts!

  4. you know we should be very close friends by that we share the most faithful pen pal :)

  5. I am amazed you can fit so many different prmpts into an entry like that. Bravo!



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