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Back to School

Back to School –
A Poetic Pondering of Pricey Proportions

Tired parents, crabby kids,
Crowding aisles, flipping lids,
Dropping crayons on the floor,
"Mommy! Daddy! I want more!"

Filling up a shopping cart
At the mega-discount mart,
Racks up sales to make you spin
Or hire out your next-of-kin.

Kindergartners clutch their lists:
"Is there anything we've missed?"
Teens and middle schoolers roar,
"Why'd we come to this lame store?"

And yet, this errand is a boon,
For schools will ring their bells quite soon.
Parents gladly cough up funds
Because the summer break is done!
c2008 by Linda Ann Nickerson 
Posted for a variety of prompts:
Meme Express (“school supplies”)
Moody Mondays ("back to school")
Slice of Life Sunday (“A naughty moment of my youth,” “2x4=8, the teacher I most appreciate” or “writer’s choice”)
Sunday Scribblings (“observations”)

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  1. This is cute and sing-songy. I loved it. Mine is here. I wrote it before the prompt, so it isn't marked with the slice of life icon. Sticks & Stones

  2. it's all such a chore, but your verse sounds quite fun - that intrinsic reward of school starting soon is a great motivator!!!



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