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To Trust or Bust

"Aim at Heaven,
and you will get earth thrown in.
Aim at earth.
and you get neither."

C.S. Lewis
(1898 - 1963)
Climbing walls without a stair,
Scrambling frantic towards nowhere -
Observations may deceive
Those unwilling to believe,
Lest we care enough to share.

Standing in the pouring rain,
Dreams descending down the drain -
Church bells sound an eerie knell,
Unknown truths no time can tell,
Lest our trials show them plain.

Ragged, frayed, a wedding dress,
Crumpled heap, a muddy mess -
Madness, like a mastiff, growls;
Mystery, unveiled, it prowls,
Lest we answer deep distress.

Rats a-running in one place,
Roaring as a stock-car race -
Crashing to the depths for more,
Rolling in the grimy gore,
Lest our lives reveal God's grace.

Will we claim contentment's call,
Thus rejecting know-it-all?
All it takes is all we are;
Still we leave the door ajar.
Thus, we waste the waterfall.

Blessings bountiful await,
When we loose our hold on fate.
Banishing banality,
Far beyond reality,
If we live before too late.

c2008 by Linda Ann Nickerson

public domain artwork

Posted for a variety of prompts:
Meme Express (“Heaven”)
One Single Impression (“stairways” and "homecoming")
Saturday Wordrzzle Challenge #21 (“pouring rain,” “mastiff,” “church bells,’ “wedding dress” and “stock car races”)
Seek the Lord Sunday (“What has God taught you lately?”)
Simply Snickers (“claim,” “contentment” and “call”)
Slice of Life Sunday (“writer’s choice”)
Sunday Scribblings (“observations”)

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  1. Love that last stanza--when we loose our hold on fate. I have found it to be true that letting go is the only way to attain or obtain anything worth having. Thanks, Linda!

  2. A great rhyme and beat-you put alot of effort into this. It's very spiritual and uplifting.
    Thank you for sharing it.

  3. sometimes i think living means different things at different times in life... to experience all the different levels,, and appreciate them as just that,, i believe is the key....

    very thought provoking poem....



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