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The Mirror Is Your Friend

"The Mirror Is Your Friend."

A friend and writing colleague, Jeannie Kerns posted those words today and set me to thinking:

"Just because you can fit into the outfit doesn't mean you should. 
Remember ... the mirror is your friend."

Sometimes I want to growl at the mirror. Other times, I may not see my own reflection clearly. Gee, does anyone?

Pondering these questions, I'm just having a little fun with a twisted rhyme today.

by Norman Rockwell
public domain artwork

Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, mirror,
on the wall -
do these pants make
my butt look small?
Does this tight jacket
bulge at all?
And am I headed
for a fashion fall?

Sometimes, a body's just gotta beg the question.

1 comment:

  1. I adore you, what a wonderful poem! Humorous and comical. You are lovely, and your blog is lovely. Please, darling, stop by for tea sometime. I would love your feedback.

    Afternoon Tea:



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