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Training or Feigning?

Training or Feigning?

Sometimes it’s all too easy to get a little off track. Take, for example, old Clyde, a trained conductor.

Calling Out Clyde –
A Coded Conduct

A pompous conductor named Clyde,
With more than a pittance of pride,
Would call, “All aboard,”
In tone untoward,
Feigned accent with status implied.

For years, Clyde conducted his trade,
Enjoying his striped masquerade,
Till hoofbeats rang out
From bandits about,
And left the conductor unpaid.

The crooks bound the sniffy old boy
And left him behind like a toy.
There, tied to the stack,
He pondered his lack,
With only himself to employ.

The moral is simple and base:
Our tracks may be tricky to trace.
With nose in the air,
Collecting a fare,
Disdain quickly leads to disgrace.

Posted for a variety of prompts:
Mad Kane Limericks (“A pompous conductor named Clyde…”)

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  1. I can’t help not to admire your post. It was definitely great and so interesting. I totally enjoyed it. Thank you so much for sharing and may you have a nice day as always.



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