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Black Friday Sales and Wails

Black Friday Sales and Wails

Reflecting on the resounding, though perhaps refreshing, attraction of pre-Christmas sales.

Will you participate in the “Black Friday” sales after Thanksgiving? Will you stand in line before the break of dawn to grab deep discounts for Santa’s “Naughty and Nice” lists?

Maybe It’s Sold-Out Time

(A holiday duet, to be sung to the tune of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”)

I really can’t shop.

Maybe it’s sold-out time.

The prices may drop.

Maybe it’s sold-out time.

The bargains tell tales –

Just look at these sales …

So very nice.

Such bargains may not come ‘round twice.

My wallet may be feeling much lighter.

Economy is lookin’ much brighter.

My credit card simply will melt.

In that outfit, you look so svelte.

So really I ought to stop spending.

Look at all the values they’re vending.

Well, maybe just another store more –

Scoop up all these treasures galore.

My money has flown.

Maybe it’s sold-out time.

Expenses have grown.

Maybe it’s sold-out time.

I wish I knew why –

Look in the window! Buy! Buy! Buy!

I’m in this mall.

The traffic freezes to a crawl.

I ought to just say, “No, thank you.”

Just look around and check out the view.

At least I could resist one more sale.

Resist the tempters to no avail.

I really can’t shop.

Ah, but it’s sold-out time.

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  1. Very funny. I have never and will not ever go shopping on Black Friday.

    Long Overdue

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