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Pogo A-Gogo

Bounces and Ounces –
A Limericked Riot on Aiming to Diet

With sheets and sheets of diets quick,
That claim to slim both dude and chick –
I must confide,
No truth to hide,
My weight is like a Pogo Stick.

Just up and down, curvaceous still,
This complicated act of will,
Beneath my smile,
There all the while,
No latitude or simple pill.

Too proud for weigh-ins at the gym,
To mark wee losses, still prelim –
I find a place
To trace the chase,
Awaiting figure, oh so slim.

My weight loss journal bears a page
To count my intake and to gauge,
But its result
Is just tumult
That stimulates my earnest rage.

So still I bounce, in Pogo form,
While pining for my figure norm.
It’s “Adios
To adipose” –
My morphing figure to transform.
c2009 by Linda Ann Nickerson
Artist Unknown
Posted for a variety of prompts:
Easy Street Prompts (“sheets and sheets)
Meme Express (Sunday Invitation to Simply Snickers)
Saturday Scribes (“complicated,” “curvaceous,” “latitude,” “beneath”)
Simply Snickers (“page,” “place” and “proud”)

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  1. This is so excellent. Bitter sweet and sadly humorous.

    Sunny Sunday #5 - Paper Sol

  2. Oh such a true poem! LOL. Love the picture to go with it!
    Have a great weekend.!

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