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Buried Measure

Buried Measure

Lady with a Veil

By Pierre Auguste Renoir

A Veiled Thread

(Creative Rhyme on Mourning Time)

Her love encased in burnished shell,

She rose and spoke to tribute tell.

She was not vain,

Nor was she plain,

Although she hid her visage well.

Clad in her little dress of black,

She lightly strode, no turning back.

Accepting flowers –

For frozen hours –

With beauty fair that failed to crack.

Her secret hid beneath her veil,

Abuses borne beyond the pale.

How very wrong

Had been his song –

O’er thirty years, she did prevail.

Soon memories of autumn loss

Did fade like so much forest moss.

Would none suspect

The clues unchecked

And vilest poison ‘neath his gloss?

Posted for a variety of prompts:

Easy Street Prompts (“little black dress”)

Heads or Tails (“autumn memory”)

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One Single Impression (“creative”)

Simply Snickers (“vain”/”vein,” “veil”/”vail” and “very”)

Sunday Scribblings (“beauty”)

Weekend Wordsmith ("lighter")

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  1. I enjoyed this a great deal. Thanks for sharing.

  2. truly a beautiful lady and I think a little revengeful. nice writing

  3. Indeed, a veil can hide more than a face. I enjoyed this read.

  4. You covered a lot of prompts but it was beauty that shone through.

  5. That read like a work of Victorian fiction. Beautifully done.

  6. I'm not very good at interpreting poetry but this spoke loud and clear. Good job.

  7. this was awsome!!!

    what a challenge to do so many prompts at one go...

  8. More than creative! And to think that it's meant for many prompts!

    She succeeded, that lady in the veil to end her agonies.

    I tip my hats off to you!

  9. Very creative --- abuse is hard to hide, still we try.

  10. Well Renoir drew me in and was I glad to read this powerful and emotive piece. Great stuff.

  11. I loved the feel of this - as though it were not a new piece at all but from long ago :)

  12. Hi Linda,
    Thanks for sharing, enjoyed reading it very much.veil and vial...visage...vain...prevail...lots of nice Vs here too.Am learning, thank you once again.



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