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Glasses of rose

Life looks up, when one views it through glasses of rose – or if one simply toasts it with a single glass.

Glasses of rose

I’m looking at life through my glasses of rose.
Stepped out of the shell, wasting oceans of woes.
Still no one was able to disjoint my nose.
That merits some mention, for that’s how it goes.

Ah, life is a beach, when we do what we chose.
And coasting or rowing, we face highs and lows.
Today’s race is over. My toes, how they froze.
Adieu, off to rest, for I’ve earned my repose.

Today’s at its close now, or so I suppose.
So I’m looking at life through my glasses of rose.
c2016 by Linda Ann Nickerson

This poem was posted in response to these prompts:

31 Days of Poetry and Writing: Write about something you can be happy doing at home. (28)
31 Writing Prompts: What is your personality color? (28)
OctPoWriMo: “beach,” “coast,” “oceans,” and “shell” – MONORHYME POEM (28)


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