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Disappointed Diners

Since today is Valentine's Day, it seems only right to issue this culinary warning to all who plant to dine out tonight. Perhaps you will fare better with your fare!

If you and your sweetie plan a sortie to your own favorite eatery, may you enjoy your meal!

Disappointed Diners - A Rhymed Recourse for a Rejected Course

The menu made it sound delicious,
But what they brought was simply vicious.
The food was cold, the meat too rare.
The vegetables were bland, I swear.

We flagged the waiter and sent it back.
The chef, he had a panic attack.
The plate returned with extra spice
And hair that seemed to belong to mice.

The meat was covered
with something gooey,
The vegetables looked quite mildewy.
The garnish resembled some kind of foam.
I paid the bill and ate at home.
Copyrighted by Linda Ann Nickerson

Public domain artwork

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