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Groundhog Dialogue

Groundhog Dialogue -
The Groundhog Is Beckoned on February Second

O, wind
If Winter comes,
Can Spring be far behind?
Percy Bysshe Shelley
(1792 - 1822)

Each winter, we hope for a sign,
That spring won't be too far behind.
The groundhog is key,
And we all watch to see
If he's bold enough for the sunshine.

So two valid options appear,
To determine which season is near.
The groundhog comes out,
But the outcome's in doubt.
Let's consider them both now, right here.


The groundhog, he leapt for the light,
But saw his own shadow, a fright.
Afraid for his soul,
He crept back in his hole,
And for six weeks remained out of sight.


A brilliant old groundhog named Phil
Hibernated below ground until
One cold winter day,
He came out to play,
And the spring arrived early to thrill.
- Copyright: Linda Ann Nickerson

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