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Fridge Space

On request from "Sunday Scribblings," this post echoes the agitator, who aims at cleaning out the refrigerator.

My fridge is full;
There's no more space.
The odor pull,
A true disgrace.

So grab a sack;
Turn on the fan.
And let's attack
This garbage can!

Limp salad, toss;
The mayo, pitch.
That applesauce
Might make you itch.

And furry meat
Should be retired,
Not fit to eat,
It's long expired.

That greenish block,
A pungent lump,
Could take a walk
Right to the dump.

Seal up that bag,
Fast as you can!
This fridge might gag
My garbage man!

c2008 by Linda Ann Nickerson. All rights reserved.


  1. really good verse. could have used it last week for "foul" too.

  2. Loved that poem. I agree, would have fitted in last week, too.

  3. Hey that's MY fridge! Nice piece (giggle)

  4. Thank you for helping begin my day with a smile. This was a gift and a joy to read.

  5. LOL This is great! Sounds a little familiar, too... unfortunately!



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