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Fair Warning – A Poetic Tense on Style Sense

Fair Warning –
A Poetic Tense on Style Sense

A young police force lives with me;
And misdemeanor finds.
They point out fashion ills with glee,
This posse of designs.

My wardrobe is behind the time;
My children tell me so.
The clothes I wear commit a crime,
Most everywhere I go.

“No Trespassing,” this sign they hold,
When I am getting dressed.
These deputies, though they be bold,
My closet, they arrest.

If children cannot tell the truth,
Then who else can I trust?
For they are innocent in youth,
Though my attire, they bust.

It’s time to clear the closet out;
We’re heading for the shops.
One thing is sure, without a doubt,
My kids are fashion cops.
c2008 by Linda Ann Nickerson

(Written upon request of Two for Tuesdays “truth” and “sign” prompt.)

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  1. Very cute!

    I have one fashionista daughter - she will definitely be policing my wardrobe as she gets older!


  2. too funny... i fear they would lock me up and throw away the key!!!!!

  3. Funny, this!

    BTW, I wrote a review about book titled Shop your Closet.

    To reach my other blog, click on my name!

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