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Out of Gases and Sunglasses

(Written upon request of Poetry Train’s “Manic Monday #51)

Out of Gases and Sunglasses

I buy the cheap sunglasses,
Whatever I can find.
My cash is spent on gases,
The automotive kind.

I can’t afford the fancy shades,
The pricey, hip new styles;
My car needs petrol, lowest grades,
To drive a few more miles.

I steer my motor ‘round the bends
And squint, so I can see.
But my generic tinted lens,
Won’t block the UV-B.

Still, I can’t justify the cost
Of sunglasses with class.
I have to pay for my exhaust.
My vehicle needs gas.

Who needs to drop a hundred bucks
To polarize their sight?
We use C-notes to fill our trucks,
And drive them just at night.

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  1. Driving at night - the perfect solution! Plus there's less traffic so less gas wasted idling.

  2. Or work from home. Yeah, that's the ticket. (I wish). :)

  3. very funny!

    great job hitting the rhythm and the rhymes!



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