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The Scout – A Saluting Scene for a U.S. Marine

This poem is for a 23-year-old U.S. Marine Corporal, who was killed in a roadside bombing in Iraq on April 14, 2008. Just two days before he died, Ricky telephoned his family and assured them that his life was in God’s hands. May the Father hold him dearly, while his loved ones cannot.

The Scout – A Saluting Scene for a U.S. Marine
(for Ricky)

A lovely lad, with soul sublime,
Accomplished much in such short time.
This golden boy, without a crime,
He lived and died before his prime.

This stellar student, in his class,
Applied himself without trespass.
In sport and music, he’d amass
Awards and honors at each pass.

He graduated, then enrolled,
A soldier: handsome, tall and bold.
In war-torn countries, he patrolled
And proudly served, with heart of gold.

A second tour of duty called.
The orders came; he was installed.
In cities where the people brawled,
As governments were overhauled.

At home, his bride awaited word;
With every letter, hope deferred,
Until the officers unheard
Arrived to tell her afterward.

He fought the fight, as he had sworn.
Now we salute him, though we mourn.
His broken body’s been reborn,
Away from terror, strife and scorn.

We think he’d best be here instead,
This soldier, who left much unsaid.
He scouts terrain, a new homestead,
Of his own time, so far ahead.
c2008 by Linda Ann Nickerson

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  1. What a beautiful tribute! I will keep his loved ones in my prayers.

  2. So young to give the ultimate of ones self. Beautiful tribute. I too will keep his family in my prayers.

  3. A lovely tribute to one who lost his life too soon. I will hold him and those who love him in my prayers.



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