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The Heart Attack – Limericks in Verse for a Love Gone Averse

The Heart Attack –
Limericks in Verse for a Love Gone Averse

She fell for him, no turning back,
Succumbing to his heart attack.
Right from his arrival,
She banished survival,
And headed for his inside track.

But this one aimed right for the heart,
Rehearsing romance like an art.
His arrow flew true;
Though his falsehoods, she knew,
She kissed off good sense from the start.

Now, no C-P-R will suffice
To jump-start her heart once or twice.
It’s ragged and torn,
And must be reborn,
For she’s paid the ultimate price.
c2008 by Linda Ann Nickerson

(Written upon request of a recent prompt on “rivals.”)

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  1. This was so true! It was a very cool poem. Thanks for sharing. I actually have fun reading it.

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