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The Neighbors May Talk or Even Balk . . .

The Neighbors May Talk or Even Balk . . .

But I’m No Sitcom Mom.

This poem is clean.

You’ll see what I mean.

The lines are clear,

If you read between.

The lines below

A list bestow.

Just find your show.

Ready, set, go!

No Sitcom Mom -

Mayhem in the Middle

Yes, Dear, listen up to my eight simple rules,

Without hope and faith, we might all be mere fools,

Just grounded for life with no hope for review;

Perhaps that is just what I like about you.


I may take my scrubs, but I must drop the bomb:

According to Jim, I am no sitcom mom.

So curb your enthusiasm, if you can.

I would not sit still for two and a half men.


Well, maybe it’s me, less than perfect; it’s true.

So sue me; just shoot me. Let’s get back to you.

With run of the house still, but so little time,

Why just play spin city with dials? It’s a crime.


The great big bang theory could really be fun;

Arrested development tossed, one-on-one

Let’s smash that T.V. set and crash it to crumbs,

Then call the Proud family and some other chums.


For friends, drawn together for love of the game,

Find cheers for the worst week, as if not the same.

Tomorrow, the office, still standing, will wait.

So curb your enthusiasm; don’t be late.


Shut off all the sitcoms; call girlfriends and guys,

Heck, call up the class: Reba, Rodney, likewise -

For sports night and socials – the two, half-and half.

See? Not only sitcoms can make people laugh.

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1 comment:

  1. Very nicely done! I think real life and real life FRIENDS are always better than TV. Of course you and you friends could always watch TV.. :)



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