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Once Upon a Rhyme . . .

Once Upon a Rhyme . . .

And the Ogre Ate Him . . . “

by Louis-Leopold Bolly


Fairly Tales –

Dreaming and Scheming . . . or Letting Off Steaming

Perhaps in every life may chime

A single once upon a time,

When simple fantasies come true

With happy-ever-afters due.

The beast, becalmed, may bless the maid,

Who boldly hurries to his aid.

Endangered ones may find rebirth,

Surrounded by all nature’s mirth.

Though fairy tales may fill our dreams,

We wake to find far darker themes.

May I elaborate, my dear,

As long as I still have you here?

Reality spills out in rills

That often churn against our wills.

When plots may thicken, life grows tough.

The pages turn not fast enough.

An ogre menaces in wrath,

Resembling a psychopath.

The innocent are downed, dismissed,

As evildoers may persist.

What happened to the sunset ride,

The prince and princess at his side?

When will the ragged edges mend?

‘Tis only at the story’s end.

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  1. Excellent illustration. A really 'ingle-nooky' sort of old dame! And a great poem to go with it. Didn't we ALL want to ride off into the sunset?

  2. Good contribution to this week's meme. Happy HOT.

  3. Delightful read. Don't we all wish for that fairy tale ending even when we know we aren't always going to get it? This was a great poem. Have a nice night.

  4. Sometimes I do wish the pages (of life) would turn faster.. other times I just like to savor each one.

    Thanks for playing. :)

  5. i jut read this with my 10 year old grandaugher...she said its thats a thumbs up...she is a fast reader so she really liked"the pages turn not fast enough"

  6. Wow. What a great incorporation of all the different writing prompts. Great job.

  7. Oh my goodness. I love the poem...I love how there are ups and downs to life as well it should be depicted. And we DO only know how the story'll end when it ends. Love this!!!

    My "Once Upon a Time" is more a 'fairy [and gnome] tale....come by and smile a little if you can find time.

  8. Lots of truth in this once upon a time! Nice poem...

  9. I think the thing I like best about fairy tales is the journey ... I've always just "assumed" the happy ending - dangerous, but overall a good thing! :-) Happy HOT -

  10. How I wish my life is also a fairy tale where I can live happily ever after also. I do love fairy tales, it awaken my senses and curiosity. And you got a superb illustration also. Well done!

  11. What a wonderful poem, a woven fairy tale.

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