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Someone’s Tapping on Mom’s Shoulder

Someone’s Tapping on Mom’s Shoulder

This poem is dedicated to my family, particularly during National Poetry Month, when I have perhaps spent more time than usual at the computer. Composing and publishing daily poems for a variety of poetry prompts, poetry websites and poetry contests has kept me tied to the keyboard a bit.

Don't worry, kids. Mom will be back soon. After all, National Poetry Month will only last for a few more days. Of course, there's always next year!

Keys to My Heart –
A Child’s Rhyme for Equal Time

Dear Mom: You need to monitor
The moments spent online.
It’s not that I’m at all bitter;
I just thought you were mine
Till publishing and networking
Absorbed attention lost.
I linger by your side, lurking
With all my fingers crossed.
But flashing monitor arrays
My mother have enticed.
I guess I knew the truth always –
P.C.’s the antichrist.
c2009 by Linda Ann Nickerson

Posted for a variety of prompts:
AC (ode to a piece of technology)
Easy Street Prompts (“denial”)
Poetic Asides (April P.A.D. Challenge – poem/s of longing)
Read Write Poem (NaPoWriMo)
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  1. Very funny! You must have been talking to my kids, too! :0)

  2. Excellent poem. Oh, can I relate - torn by the desire to write and guilt, too....aren't all creative moms?



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