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No Begging for Eggs

No Begging for Eggs
So He Decided to . . .
(The Bunny Was Busted)

The Easter Bunny was craving a sweet,
While filling the baskets, desiring a treat.
He looked left and right,
With no one in sight.
And so he decided to dive in, discreet.

He reached in a basket and pawed through the lace,
Arranging the candies to leave not a trace.
While staging assault
On eggs, chocolate malt,
The Bunny was caught there with egg on his face.

This story’s a lesson, an Easter decree.
Perhaps a bit hare-brained, yet still valid plea.
When stealing the loot,
It pays to be cute.
But this busted bunny looked mostly like me.
c2009 by Linda Ann Nickerson

Posted for a variety of prompts:
AC Poetry Challenge (“Easter Celebration”)
Poetic Asides (April P.A.D. Challenge: “So we decided to . . . ”)
Read Write Poem (NaPoWriMo – “Where do you come from?”)
Seek the Lord Sunday (“Easter” or “He’s alive”)
Sunday Scribblings (“scary”)

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