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X is for eXiting – Rhymed Acrostics A to Z

X is for eXiting – Rhymed Acrostics A to Z

Even experts may be surprised by a certain sojourn, when an exit may actually be an entrance.


 Explorers may not be afraid,
eXcept as they beyond are bade
 Into the place where no trail leads.
 That destination all exceeds.
 I once was blind and chanced to spy
 No sight beheld by mortal eye.
 Good things await the last goodbye.
c2013 by Linda Ann Nickerson


This entry was created as one of a 26-poem series for the April A to Z Blogging Challenge and NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month). You are invited to peruse the entire list! Better yet, sign up to follow or subscribe (free), so you’ll receive notices of new posts.
Exit Steps
by Australian Photos
Creative Commons Licensing
Rhymed Acrostics from A to Z
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1 comment:

  1. I'm reminded of a sweatshirt we all received a few years ago as a Christmas bonus from one of the custom yacht places I worked for at the time. Inside the package was a wonderful, PR driven, hyped up brochure promising great things for the company's future. Too bad they didn't have a proofreader on staff. After proclaiming the business's super achievements and incredible potential, the pamphlet went on to say that "as far as new contracts go, 2007 is sure to be an exiting year!"
    Sure enough. This turned out to be what I call a "self-foiling" prophecy; they did go out of business shortly thereafter!



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